Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Mind Focused

Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Mind Focused

Does your mind wander every time you try to focus on something? Or have you ever been through a situation where you find yourself day-dreaming or gazing at a task for long but end up doing nothing? If yes, it’s high time to tame your mind and attain better focus. If you think, that it’s solely you who is suffering, you are erroneous. Everyone’s brain is attuned to getting distracted which is perfectly fine and may be true for you too.

A study was conducted by Matt Killingsworth, a Ph.D. scholar who claimed that astoundingly, 47% of the time, people usually keep beating around the bush about something and don’t focus on what they are currently doing. We know there are many things on your plate and when you have this long a ‘to do’ list, it fogs your mind. It becomes difficult to keep yourself attentive in such situations. However, amid the disturbances that distract your focus, understanding limitations of the brain and working on them is what you can do to stay resolute.

To get you some soothing relief, here are some suggestions that will help you overcome things that are bothering you. Not only it will help you improve your concentration level, but will expand your memory, and help you gain a better perception of life. Let’s get started:

  • Involve Yourself in Creative Work: Try to keep your mind focused by involving yourself in some creative work. Usually, when you keep doing mindless tasks and then look to complete the harshest ones, your energy drains and your focus is automatically gone. What can be a better way? You can reverse the order of doing your work, e. look for tasks that require more effort, concentration, and then proceed towards the easiest one. It will not only help you work with sheer dedication but will keep you fresh for the remaining day to accomplish other tasks.
  • Keep to Your Allocated Time: As per a study; during the week, our mind is capable of focusing for only six hours on an average. Therefore, it’s essential for you to allocate your best six hours to the most important work. Also, many people give their best focus either during early hours of the morning or late at night. So, it’s you who needs to decide which time suits you the most and when you can keep yourself driven. Accordingly, try to allocate those crucial hours to the most critical
  • Try De-stressing Yourself: Experiencing stress in our daily routine is normal but coming out of it is what takes a lot of effort. You might be thinking of better ways to de-stress yourself. The answer is quite simple. You can focus on achieving your goals and indulge yourself in social gatherings. Try to interact as much as possible and engage in some activities that refresh your mind. Once you start doing these, you will learn to adopt many healthy habits and keep yourself stress-free.
  • Tame Your Mind & Skills: We all are bound to multitask; and it is quite normal in this busy world. But when this multitasking becomes routine, your brain starts to adapt to it. What happens next is that you start losing your focus and become distracted in whatever you do. The best way to overcome such situations is by taming your mind to remain focused. To do so, you can play skill based games say, chess, Sudoku, and online rummy. These are some of the best online games that are played by millions of people around the globe and help in rewiring of the mind.

Rummy- The Game of Skills

Interested in knowing more about this game of skills?  How about getting started with classic rummy games? Although you might be acquainted with online rummy games, some might not know about it. If you are one among them, let’s take you to the world of online rummy to help you do a lot more than you think. Popularly known as a game of skills, the rummy game is a brain booster. The game holds ample benefits that people across the globe aren’t yet aware of. Below are some points to help you know how helpful online rummy is:

  • Advances your decision-making skills
  • Relaxes casual, everyday anxiety
  • Enhances the confidence within you
  • Increases concentration power

The Gist

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