The Many Advantages to a Corner Gas Fireplace  

The Many Advantages to a Corner Gas Fireplace  

Having a corner fireplace offers home owners several different advantages compared with other, more traditional fireplaces. Corner fireplaces allow more options with room design, and with room architecture to ensure your home has the amenities that are important to you and your family while also allowing you to add a nice level of comfort that only a gas fireplace can provide.

Room Designs and Architecture

By using one or more corner fireplaces in your room, you have a great amount of versatility. If you choose, you can have two focal points in the same room or even on the same wall. When designing your room you can use two corner fireplaces which can be installed on the outside of a wall, and a television can be installed above them in the center without worrying about heat damaging your appliance. A corner gas fireplace can also have the non-fire side of the fireplace on the left or the right, and the fireplace can be tall and thin, wide but not tall, or just big. This flexibility will allow you to put a fireplace in a room or on a wall you may have believed was impossible, and to put in just the perfect size of fireplace you need.

A corner fireplace can also be used as an architectural element in your home. If you have a large room, you can add a corner fireplace to the room to give it a feel of two distinct areas. The main area can be where the television is, but you can also create a smaller seating area around the hearth of your corner fireplace.

The angular and sleek design of our corner fireplaces also makes for an architectural focal point in any space—whether the room is small or large. One sure way to fix a bland wall or a bland room is to install a corner fireplace and you will transform bland to noteworthy.

Another advantage of using a corner fireplace is you can save space in just about any room. The corner fireplace has a cooling unit that keeps your wall safe from overheating, so the fireplace can actually sit much closer to flush than a traditional fireplace. You can also take advantage of the variety of sizes in a corner fireplace and add the fireplace to a curve in the wall. You can also add a corner fireplace in small spaces like bedrooms, or even bathrooms. Just about anywhere you want to create sense of coziness, a corner fireplace can be the solution.

A corner fireplace can be narrow, or wide; cozy for a book, or it can dominate to a room. No matter what your hopes and dreams are for a new fireplace, check out the options and the luxury a direct vent corner gas fireplace from Ortal’s can provide you.