The Basics of Skin Care and the Ingredients You Must Include in Your Regimen

The Basics of Skin Care and the Ingredients You Must Include in Your Regimen

It has long been said that a person’s beauty is a wholly subjective concept, which, in other words, can be interpreted as the notion that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

However, it’s important to note that psychologists and biologists recently determined that this widely-held supposition is actually not as valid as we’ve been led to believe.

Nine out of ten people are distinctly more attracted to individuals that have even and proportionate appearances, because humans – of both sexes – have an innate perception of symmetrical beauty that lends itself to corresponding judgements about health, affluence, genetic makeup, and spiritual compatibility. This emotive link is instinctive and inborn, which means that our insight into a person’s attractiveness is actually rooted in an objective, practically automatic response to what we see at first glance.

Without question, one of the most impactful traits of this physiological conviction is your skin and overall complexion.

The Fundamentals of Skin Care

The world of skin care is perplexing to say the least, because we now have access to an interminable selection of salves and balms, not to mention a virtually infinite range of ingredients, amalgams, and elements that have swamped the ointment production industry.

Consequently, the process of choosing the most effectual cream has been mired in confusion and misperceptions, so let’s underscore the essential. Consider the following facts:

  • The hydrolipidic barrier is basically a fragile layer of armour that safeguards the entire skin organ.
  • This layer is supported almost exclusively supported by the sebaceous glands, which produce the healthy, organic layer of emollients that shield your epidermis from external factors.
  • The highest density of sebaceous glands can be found on your forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, and every other skin surface from the neck up.

If your hydrolipidic layer becomes detrimentally affected by caustic cleansing habits, chemical-loaded creams, and other adverse influences, you’ll notice a nearly instantaneous decline in the appearance of your skin, namely in terms of its lustre, suppleness, tone, uniformity, and symmetry from area to area.

The Ingredients That Uphold Your Hydrolipidic Layer

Irrespective of whether you have an overly sensitive epidermis or an ostensibly impervious complexion, you need to utilise moisturising solutions such as the following options from natural organic makeup brands to maintain your skin’s hydrolipid film:

  • Hyaluronic acid with both low and high molecular weights
  • Bio-fermented squalane, preferably derived from plant sources
  • An herbal iteration of betaine
  • All-natural Aloe Vera extract
  • Organic lubricants from sunflowers and macadamia plants
  • Absorbable vitamin E as an antioxidant

This list is basically the secret recipe for preserving and hydrating the hydrolipidic layer without subjecting your skin to unjustified stress or trauma.

So head over to the products page of an organic skincare merchant and pick out a 24-hour hyaluronic hydration cream that features all of the properties listed above. Then, be sure to apply it at least twice per day around your eyes, cheeks, forehead, lips, and neck – a tiny, pea-sized droplet will do the trick for each area.

Within approximately 72 hours, you’ll see a revival in the smoothness and softness of your complexion, so get the ball rolling and place your first order right now.