Stay safe

Stay safe

Privacy is the right of every individual, everyone has the basic need of safety. We need to understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality. Documents which have your personal information, which could be sensitive, and misused if not discarded properly, comes under the umbrella of confidentiality. It may include your address, phone number, pin numbers, ATM details, bank account details, security card numbers or other information.

Why it must be handled with care?

Sometimes tearing is not enough, because it could be rejoined for some wrong purpose. If the document has any personal information about you, and you are choosing to tear as a method of discarding, then you are wrong.These documents are of a sensitive nature, and someone can easily approach them and rejoin them to misuse them in the future.

How to dispose such documents

If you want a reliable method of discarding your documents then you need to pulp them, shred them. A paper shredder is a device used to cut the paper in to small,non-useable strips or particles. Mostly government organisations, and multinationals choose this method of discarding the confidential document,s to avoid any leakage of privacy.

There are several types of shredding such as

  • Mobile shredding truck
  • Kiosks
  • Services

In these all are not applied on same time, they are all used for different purpose, such as:

Mobile shredding truck

Mighty organisations use this for shredding, this truck is constructed especially for shredding purposes, it has an industrial size paper shredder mounted in it. It is also used to shred the CDs, DVDs, hard drives, credit cards and other digital documentation devices.


Kiosks are generally used for public documents shredding, those who cannot buy a shredding machine, pay for the service availed by this machine, when each time they choose to shred their personal documents.


Some companies offer you the services of shredding your personal documents, in the name of shredding services, they collect your confidential documents with the help of lock bins and carefully insert them into the shredder machine.

Methods of shredding personal documents

There are many ways of shredding your documents, such as:

Strip cuts

rotating knifes cut long strips as long as the size of the paper

Cross cuts

contra rotating drums are used to cut rectangular, parallelogram or diamond shaped shreds

Particle cuts

it cuts the document into small tiny square particles


these are special shredders designed to shred corrugated material either into strips or marsh pallet


disintegrators and granular repeatedly cut down the paper into small particles.


these pounds the paper through the screen.

Pierce and tear

with rotating blades paper is torn several times that it becomes tiny particles


sharp blades cut the paper finely into small enough particles that they fall through a screen.

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