Say Good Bye to Traditional Braces and Use Invisible Ones for a Better Experience

Say Good Bye to Traditional Braces and Use Invisible Ones for a Better Experience

Straight teeth in proper alignment give you a healthy and beautiful smile. Straight teeth also affect your health. Crooked teeth are common in many people. If it is left untreated, it leads to many diseases and gum infection. Crooked or misaligned teeth lead abnormal stress on jaws, which can lead to various problems like open bite, crowding, spacing, deep bite, cross bite, excessive over jet.

That is why at a very young age, braces are used on children to get their teeth properly aligned. Earlier, braces were made of metal and were visible. You had to carry those ugly looking braces your entire adolescent age. It embarrassed you, especially when you had to smile or take a bite realizing that food was stuck in your braces. With time, invisible braces have brought back that confidence in people.

These braces are clear and made of plastic. They can be detached before eating or while brushing or sleeping. However, doctors recommend keeping them fixed at least for 22 hours. There are many brands available, but the most frequently accepted brand is Invisalign.

When your dentist fixes your braces, he sends you home and calls you back after some days. With the help of braces, your teeth are pushed to proper position, which loosens the braces. After second visit, if the dentist feels, he will remove your braces and will adjust it. With five or six replacements in minor cases, your teeth are brought back in proper arrangement.

There are different styles of invisible braces to keep in mind –

  • Full braces are used to treat complicated crooked teeth alignment. It takes months or may be years to get them back in shape.
  • Lite and i7 Invisalign braces are for minor cases that need to treat minor dental problems in three or seven months of time.
  • Express treatment also treats mild problems in dental structure, but is fast and cheap. The aligners required can be seven to ten depending upon the speed of healing.
  • Teen treatment is done carefully because youngsters are careless with their things and might remove aligners for a longer time. That is why, any Invisalign braces are fixed and replacements are only given when old is lost or broken and also they aren’t allowed to remove before 22 hours.

Teeth that put excessive pressure can lead to chipping with time. They can also flatten or wear down your teeth. This can also fracture the edges of your teeth. Bad bites can create tension in the jaw that leads to headache and pain. Wear and tear can lead to weak bone support at the roots, which can result in tooth loss. Thus, instead of delaying, contact your nearest dentist immediately.