New Family Of Automobile Gives Birth To Superstars

New Family Of Automobile Gives Birth To Superstars

Ever since two giants of automobile companies of Germany joined together to form AMG Mercedes, they started lining up many different models of Mercedes-AMG with an excellent performance with a flavor of AMG, which specializes in speed. Now with introduction of AMG technology every vehicle coming out of this combination is becoming superstars on the road. AMG is considered to be king of performance and all you need to do is just hold the steering and press the accelerator and rest will be taken care of by the technology used in these models.


In the year 1967, two young automobile Engineers with a passion in their heart for motorsports started developing engines for Mercedes Benz and came out with their race car model. Nowadays the combined team of Mercedes and AMG has started making vehicles that are most sought after in all over the world. This is due to the effort of skilled engineers and designers who are passionate to design high speed engines and try to test them at extreme speed limits and check their performance on the road. They do not want to leave anything for chance and they understand very well that any kind of short cut can never win the race.

Total team effort

Whatever they design in their company is a team effort and they work based on philosophy of “one man – one Engine”. The team does not design their engine to just perform but they design them to outperform all other designs. The design team of AMG Mercedes is a high-performance weapon in the arsenal of the engineering department.

Power delivery

With every new model coming out of AMG Mercedes there is new muscle and new level of efficiency and finally it is responsibility of AMG group to deliver high speed with precision. Some of the advanced gearbox, with different driving modes, multi clutch technology is providing more power to the vehicles.


Every area of design such as wheel design, weight distribution design, load transfer design, frame rigidity designs are perfectly engineered with proper testing. All the control functions for different driving conditions are properly analyzed.

AMG driving Academy

AMG also has created a special academy where there are professional instructors are available to improve your driving ability with high speed engines so that you can select the right models of Mercedes AMG vehicle. You will get the adventure of high speed driving and also learn to drive such high-speed vehicles confidently.