How to Make Your Car Buying Process Enjoyable? The Paperwork You Need to Carry

How to Make Your Car Buying Process Enjoyable? The Paperwork You Need to Carry

Technically, buying car over the internet and phone is possible, but not recommended. Actually, test drive is an important part of car buying process. Reviews given by other buyers are positive, but it’s hard to identify your feeling about a specific car without actually spending time behind the steering wheel. You don’t desire to discover the system complexities, after the papers get signed.

Visit Mercedes Nashville dealership in the US for taking a test drive before making a huge investment. You can walk in their showroom and take ownership of your new SUV in a couple of hours. Instead of buying car from online, it is best to visit the dealership prepared with documents needed to complete the deal. This can eliminate your frustration due to delays.

Bring your cards

For a test drive

Many dealers request for driving license copy, before they allow you to take a test drive in their cars. Driver’s license is also regarded as an ID proof.

For new car buying

You will need an insurance proof to drive a new car home. Your existing auto policy is fine in many states. You can even make a call to your insurer and let them know the car’s VIN number.

The insurance company will e-mail or fax an insurance document to the dealership. You can even set new insurance policy of the car you are determined to buy.

For financing

Payment can be in the form of pre-approved loan or personal check or cashier’s check or credit card for down payment. To gain auto loans at the dealership the buyer will need to supply some documents. List of paperwork that several lenders may ask for –

  • Proof of income
  • Credit & banking history
  • Residence proof
  • New vehicle information
  • New insurance policy

For trade-in

In case, you are trading in your old car then a ‘pink slip’ or ‘certificate of Title’ will be needed. It saves the time of auto salesman, who may need to request the duplicate title from DMV. This can delay the trade process. In addition, clean your car prior leaving home.

Current vehicle registration will also be needed for trade-in. It verifies that the listing is recent and checks with the sticker on license plate.

Thoroughly check the glove box, trunk, driver’s visor, CD player, and under the seats. Carry the extra keys and manufacturers manual.

Call the dealership and request for the necessary paperwork to obtain an enjoyable car buying experience.

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