How to make the most of your time in an IOP

How to make the most of your time in an IOP

When looking to recover from an addiction, there are two types of rehabilitation programs; inpatient and outpatient programs. With outpatient programs, the individual is expected to do more on their own time when they are away from the center. While simply attending the sessions might help, taking an active role in your recovery will help demonstrate more progress while attending the New Jersey IOP.

Here is how you can make the most of your time in the intensive outpatient program.

Be completely open about your feelings

Lying and trying to cover up your feelings is a huge part of addiction. But for you to successfully recover from the addiction, you need to open up about your feelings during the entire course of the program. Open up to someone you can trust like your therapist. During the program, you will have an addiction counselor to whom you can open up to. By actively participating during the group sessions you benefit more from the relationships you build with the therapist leading the group as well as other participants.

Keep an open mind

During your sessions, your therapist or counselor might offer suggestions that you might be different from what you have in mind. The suggestions given help you by expanding your horizons and by make changes in how you perceive the world. While the suggestions might feel unfamiliar, with an open mind, you might find they are the solutions you needed to make great strides in creating a new life in sobriety.

Give yourself space and time to heal

Recovery is a process that takes longer than a few days. The recovery process takes longer because addiction is a chronic disease that can take a toll on your body mind and spirit. During your dark days, many issues developed and it might take you some time to work through those issues and make the necessary changes. Give yourself some space to begin your recovery journey and focus on nothing else until you are stable in recovery.

Commit to the program

For most people, the New Jersey IOP is the only opportunity they have of focusing on themselves and taking time from their real lives. The time you spend in the program is only a fraction of your life, so commit to the program and reap the benefits of a new sober life. However, do not expect a quick fix, it is a journey that starts with a single step.

Recovery from drugs or alcohol is never easy, but with the above tips in mind, you can focus on getting better and make the most of the time you are in the program.