Get to Know the Origin of Bath Salt and Miracles it can Create

Get to Know the Origin of Bath Salt and Miracles it can Create

In older times, people made small bags out of cloth and filled it with salt. It was then slightly warmed up and the bag was placed on the injured area. This warm therapy of hot salt gave extreme comfort for pain and healed that area quickly. Not many understood the reason for the use of salt in bags. People thought that it helps in making the bag heavy and due to pressure, pain goes away.

However, not many know that salt has antibacterial properties, which heal the injury quickly. Moreover, the salt used in such cases is no ordinary salt, but they are Bath salts that contain different chemicals. Each chemical has its own properties –

  • Magnesium removes stress and prevents skin ageing.
  • Calcium helps in making bones and nails strong and also prevents water retention and increases circulation.
  • Bromide relaxes stiff muscles.
  • Potassium energizes your body, muscles and skin after exercising.
  • Sodium helps in improving immune system.

These salts are mixed with herbs, flower perfumes and essential oil that are recognized for their ability to improve blood circulation, reduce tension and anxiety, join pain and relieve from inflammatory pain.

Generally, bath salt is used by soaking it in warm water. Somehow, not all bathrooms have a tub. Hence, people take shower. This doesn’t mean that you cannot take advantage of these salts –

  • If you have aching feet then add one spoon of salt in a bucket of lukewarm water and immerse your feet in it for few minutes. Salt draws your pain and softens your rough skin, which can be removed from a scrubber.
  • Similarly, you can immerse your hands in warm water mixed with salt to relieve any ache. This also helps to make your skin smooth because of moisturizer that you apply after drying your hands.
  • While taking bath in shower, after cleaning your body with your favorite soap, you can take handful of salt and rub it gently on your body. It works as a scrubber and exfoliates your skin.


  • Cold, flu and sinus are some common problems in changing weather. All you need to do is place a spoon of salt in lukewarm water and inhale the steam by covering your mouth with a towel this opens all blockages in your nostrils.
  • You can also heal bruises by following the procedure mentioned in the beginning of the article. Sometimes, a clean cloth dipped in salt solution also heals injured area when compressed with it.

Now that you know various benefits of salts, you can search online for salt that has the composition and fragrance that you’re looking for.