Four Essential Benefits of Treated Lumber

Four Essential Benefits of Treated Lumber

Modern wood has been impregnated with chemicals to preserve it from water, rotting and pests. Treated wood is currently using preservatives that have been proven harmless to the soil and still provide a lot of benefits. These benefits include the following:

Durability and Long Lifespan

Treated lumber can resist the damage caused by pests, insects and fungal decay for many years. They are printed with preservative per cubic foot standards that informs customers of the amount and type of preservatives left in the wood that makes the resistance level. treated pilings and woods can be impregnated to withstand the majority of conditions to improve the lumber’s life.

Significant Savings

Initially, treated wood is pricier than other lumber; however, re-assessment, remodeling or rebuilding will not be required in the long run. With treated wood, construction takes place just once. This allows homeowners to save both money and time. The durability of this lumber makes it a great choice for anybody’s budget.

Low Maintenance

While every wood must be cleaned, treated lumber won’t succumb to rot despite direct placement on the ground. Insects won’t destroy foundations. Also, structures won’t be penetrated and burrowed into by fungal diseases. Depending on the kind of lumber bought, a number of treated lumbers can come with water-resistant coatings to avoid warping.


While not always considered as a green product, treated lumber has some environmental benefits. First, the preservation process tends to take less energy than other building products. Also, because it is treated, the lumber can last much longer than others. This means less strain on forests and fossil fuels because of less transportation. Moreover, treating the lumber involves the use of chemicals like copper that comes from recycled sources. Thus, the treatment process doesn’t produce any waste water discharges and significant air pollutants. Indeed, micronizing copper may be used for treating wood as a modern alternative to solvents. This eliminates the corrosive properties and special fasteners required when using wood that is treated.

If you are looking to buy treated lumber and pilings, find a reputable lumber yard. The yard should be able to provide you a range of wood choices including vinyl bulkhead material. Their wood must be treated to prevent warping and twisting despite exposure to extreme weather conditions. Use the internet when searching for the right lumber yard in Houston. This makes your search a lot easier and more convenient.