Five Common Dealership Habits you Should Not Tolerate

Five Common Dealership Habits you Should Not Tolerate

The management team of your dealership can directly influence customer experience and your business’ sales. That is why you need to create a team that makes a positive impact.

Bad habits may form over time or can be inherited from a previous employment. If you have observed your employees developing some undesirable habits that can negatively impact your business, you should push the red light button now. Also, it might help you to be aware of the common habits that dealership teams can develop or practice:

Being Pushy and Greedy

Salespeople have negative stereotypes in terms of pushing people to buy and practice dishonesty. This is something you should not tolerate if you want customers to visit your dealership. Address this issue by making customer experience a priority over making money and hitting unrealistic sales.

Discriminating People for their Look

You don’t want discrimination in your dealership because this can reduce your chances of getting as many customers as possible. A person’s look should not disqualify him from buying cars from your dealership. A lot of those who are in their tees and jeans can actually afford an expensive car. Encourage your people to welcome everyone into the dealership and treat customers equally.

Hiring Out of Panic

Turnover is quite common in dealerships and you may be always pressured to hire somebody new to get your showroom floor occupied. To stop this habit, try to take more effort and time to look for the right person. Carry out a background check and offer extensive training. Focus on finding employees you can keep for the longest time possible. Building a sales pattern is one thing but being able to maintain the patter is another and you can only make things happen if you have the same dedicated people on your team.

Ignoring CRM

You may have a great sales team; however, they can’t help keep the momentum if do not provide them the right tools. Make sure you invest in customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Automotive CRM allows you to take control of the sales process, lead management, daily tasks, email marketing, reporting and reminders.

Leaving Collected Data Unused

Collecting any kinds of data doesn’t make sense if you do not use those data. You may have a great following on Twitter and a big number of phone leads. However, what are you doing with them? If you collect data, make sure you use and analyze them. Make use of what you found out to improve your business.