Do You Want To Build A Website, It Is For Free

Do You Want To Build A Website, It Is For Free

Have you decided you want a website? Do you know how to build a website? Is there  a small corner of yours asking if you really are looking for a website to be build or you are worried if it relates to being highly technical, expensive, and time consuming.

The website building cost is based on the way it will be set up. A website costs per year between $50 and $250 featuring a platform such as WordPress. There are professional designers pricing around $500 and $1000, and even more if they are considering website designing from scratch and are not planning to use of some existing theme or template. However, if you wish for a custom website development, it may cost $2000 or $10,000 or may be even higher.

There are three key options with building your website:

  • Free website builder: There are free hosting services such as WordPress and Weebly allowing you to build at no cost a website. There is a catch here with this no cost proposal and that is there are no custom domains or ads non-removable on the site footer, limited bandwidth or storage. A free website builder is appropriate for a personal website.
  • WordPress: WordPress is the proven and most popular website platform. It accommodates any website and beginners may find it to be a little difficult.
  • Visual website builders: There are newer generations available and they are also easy to use, but it costs over WordPress and features limited integrations in comparison to other systems.

Diving into the finest options:

WordPress is the trustworthy giant costing per year around $36 to $150. It accounts for 30% of the websites entire internet.  The success rates are good and the three factors of success is mainly based on:

  • There is no need of learning or knowing the programming of codes to set up.
  • There are many developers that it has now become a huge community and so the features are being added continuously that it is made suitable to any kind of business.

  • The platform is available for free to use. All you have to do is pay per year around $36 to $100 for the hosting.

There is WordPress editor mainly designed for newbie’s. It is good for people with no design experience. All you have to do is enter in the left column the information and to the right your website will update automatically. The design starts based on a template that you can customize.