Details oftheL Arginine Powder

Details oftheL Arginine Powder

Plants and supplements are believed to stimulate sexual vigor have always been popular, but scientific data is often lacking to document their effectiveness. That’s why PassportSanté.net undertakes to give the right time on these products. Especially since the market is full of products that contain 3, 4 and sometimes even up to 10 or 12 different ingredients, making their safety and effectiveness difficult to determine.Treat erectile dysfunction and female sexual dysfunction. It improves physical performance and stimulate the immune system.

Description of arginine

The l arginine powder is one of 20 amino acids that make up our proteins. It plays a role in cell division, healing of woundsand the elimination of ammonia by the body, the proper functioning of the immune system and the secretion of certain hormones, including growth hormone. From arginine, the body makes nitric oxide (NO), a substance that promotes dilation of blood vessels, and creatine, a non-essential nutrient associated with the development and proper functioning of muscles.


The arginine was isolated for the first time in 1886. In 1932, we realized that she was playing a vital role in the evacuation process of ammonia by the body and, in 1939, it was discovered that she was participating in the synthesis of creatine.

Food sources of arginine

The arginine is considered a “semi-essential” amino acid, because most of the time, the body synthesizes sufficient quantities to suffice their needs. However, under certain conditions, endogenous intake may not be sufficient and arginine supplements may be prescribed by a physician. This is the case, for example, following a major trauma, a serious infection or major surgery.Arginine is present in many foods such as legumes, some cereals, such as brown rice, oats and buckwheat, as well as red meat, poultry, fish, dairy products and nuts. As it is not considered an essential nutrient, no recommended nutritional intake has been established for arginine.

Arginine deficiency

The arginine deficiency is relatively rare, manifested by poor wound healing, hair loss, rash, constipation and hepatic steatosis (fatty liver or fatty liver).Possible causes of deficiency include certain congenital diseases that prevent the normal synthesis of urea, chronic malnutritionand disorders leading to overproduction of ammonia, excessive lysine, burns, wounds or serious infections.

Arginine research

It has Nitric oxide (NO), which, by dilating the blood vessels, promotes the inflow of blood needed for erection. This discovery helped treat some erectile dysfunctions with the help of drugs (sildenafil) that block the breakdown of nitric oxide. The l arginine powder, as a precursor of nitric oxide, has been considered as another way to increase the rate and fight against erectile dysfunction.

In men with low nitric oxide, the administration of 5 g of arginine per day has improved the quality of erection. By cons, it had no effect on subjects having a normal level 1. In addition, a daily dose of 1.5 g for 17 days was no more effective than a placebo 2.Encouraging results have been obtained by combining arginine with Pycnogenol (proanthocyanidins) 3 or with a mixture of ginseng, ginkgo biloba, damiane, vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, the methodological weakness of the studies, among others the absence of placebo, and the presence of other ingredients do not make it possible to affirm that arginine is effective.