5 Best Holiday Digital Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

5 Best Holiday Digital Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

The holiday season is already upon us. Besides all the love and care that would be going around, gifts are also a common feature of this season. If you have been stuck on the choice of what to get a friend/ member of your family, you might not have considered the various options in the digital gifts’ category.

Besides the fact that the world is now a digital place, there are a couple of cool reasons why they rock.

Why choose digital gifts?

Unlike physical gifts, you don’t have to pay a shipping fee to get a digital gift to the recipient. This will come in handy when you are trying to save cost, or the recipient lives very far away from you – a condition which will drive up the delivery fee.

This also makes it easier and cost effective to send gifts to loved ones who are living overseas in this beautiful season. Yet again, this is a nice way to send something to your anonymous gamer buddy, pen partner and other online acquaintances whom you don’t know their details.

Everyone should care about the environment, and digital gifts do just that. Don’t worry about the recipient taking off the wraps and littering the earth with plastics. Likewise, digital gits are always the best picks for those loved ones who have material abundance already.

Digital Gift Ideas

Here are some of the top digital gifts we know your loved ones will appreciate this holiday:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN will be a great gift for your loved ones who are living overseas. There are a lot of content that they might not be able to access due to censorship laws in place. That is not to mention their susceptibility to price discrimination and dynamic pricing when shopping from overseas countries.

They will also be able to watch Netflix like they were in the States and never miss out on any of the important shows. Did we mention that this grants them access to websites such as Facebook in areas where it is limited too?

Since we are in the holiday season, make sure you get the best VPN deal from the chosen provider. That should be their own little gift to you too.

  • Netflix Subscription

Netflix has come to become the new cool for those who love to grab a movie every now and then. If that sounds like your loved one, why not make their year with a subscription for as long as you can handle it?

  • Spotify Subscription

While movies can be a way of life, music is considered to be life itself. Extend some life to someone you live with by sharing them a Spotify family subscription plan. What better way to help them enjoy unlimited music in a new way?

  • Coursera Online Classes

Help your loved one step up their professional skill in an area of their expertise this holiday by giving them access to a course on Coursera. It doesn’t even have to be something in their chosen field of profession. How about helping them get started with that hobby which you know they so much love?

  • Burner Credit/ Debit card

Due to the many cases of payment data breaches happening these days, many find it hard to release their card details whenever they want to pay for stuff online. You can take out this fear by getting your loved ones a burner credit/ debit card.

These cards have been engineered to mask your real card whenever you are making a transaction. Besides the convenience and security, they also give you a great deal of privacy when you are paying for stuff.

Wrap Up

You don’t have to break the bank to put a smile on the face of your loved ones with a digital gift this season. Why not get started now?